Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Bill To Make Presidents Appoint Ministers In Two Months Passes Second Reading

The House of Representatives on Tuesday, read for the second time, a Bill for an Act to provide for timely composition of cabinet with portfolios attached by the President of Nigeria.
The sponsor of the bill, Rep. Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama (Edo-PDP), said it stipulates eight weeks for the President to form his cabinet, upon the announcement of nominees.

He added that portfolios should also be known before being sent to the Senate for screening.
The members, through a voice vote, approved that the bill be read the second time.
Leading the debate, Ogbeide-Ihama said: “The primary objective of the bill is to prescribe a time frame within which the President shall constitute and inaugurate his cabinet.
“The bill also aims at ensuring that a ministerial nomination list sets out the proposed portfolio which every nominee is to be assigned.”

Rep. Zakari Mohammad (Kwara-APC), said “if the portfolios are known before the nominees appeared before the Senate, it would guide the Senators in their questions for the nominees.’’
According to him, it will create value for the workings of the government and give it meaning during screening and formation of cabinet by a new government.
“During screening, Senators are restricted as regards the questions they ask the nominees.
‘’If portfolio is attached to each nominee, it will guide them in questions and save time.”
The House Leader, Rep. Femi Gbajabiamila, said the bill, when passed and assented to, would give the Senate efficient screening process.
The bill also stipulates that if a new nominee is submitted to replace a rejected nominee, such appointment must be made within a maximum period of two months. (NAN)

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