Monday, May 23, 2016

My Experience As A Corp Member In Benue State.

I remember the first time I saw my call up letter,I felt like the whole world had trembled on my feet. I felt sad and angry, ready to pour out my anger on anybody who came my way.
I remember not being serious about the whole camp thing anymore. I remember buying all my things a day before leaving.
At first,I was a bit confused on how I was going to get to the camp in Benue state. I remember going to the NYSC section on NL searching for corp members who were posted to the same state. Luckily for me, I found a bunch of then and I was added to a whatsapp group which was created by one of the monikers.

I remember silently following the group up,hardly ever dropping comments. I found out they were going to be leaving on the 25th of April which was on a Monday, and as at Monday, I had not bought a thing, so I crossed traveling with them out of the plan..
My brother booked a flight for me to Enugu even if I kept telling him that Abuja was faster but he said no,that Enugu was closer. So he finally booked the flight on a Tuesday by 8am. I received a call from my uncle who works with the air force that there was an air force flight leaving for makurdi that Wednesday so I grabbed the opportunity.
I left for Benue the next day and I arrived in Makurdi less than an hour.

When we landed in the air force base, I came down looking confused trying to call my uncle. And at that moment I heard a masculine voice.
"You, come here" I turned around to look at who was talking.
"Yea, are you not Valerie, D****a's niece?" he asked and I answered immediately,
"Yes I am" and that was when I got a text from my uncle telling me that his friend would help me down to Wannune.
My uncle's friend helped me with my extremely big box which I later started regretting I carried. While driving me down to wannune, his friend asked where I would be crashing that night, I told him that I would be sleeping in camp. He started asking questions like would they attend to me, telling me I could sleep in his place. I told him that they should attend to me. This was when the story changed. He told me my uncle didn't need to know and I just knew that something was up with this man. He started asking questions like why I was acting so uptight, asking if I had a boyfriend. I stared at him straight up and told him "i am not in a relationship and I would be okay when I get to camp", he dropped me without any further comments.

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