Monday, May 23, 2016

Suicide Attack On Kano Market Aborted

Desmond Mgboh , KANO

A major suicide attack on the city of Kano was Saturday night aborted after a primed female suicide bomber, regained consciousness and escaped from the captive of suspected Boko Haram agents, who were driving her to her target.

The female escapee, Hajia Khadija Ibrahim, a mother of three, was kidnapped and drugged in Maiduguri and was driven to Kano, strapped with improvised explosive device, when their vehicle developed faults on transit.

Recounting her chilling experience at the Government House, Sunday, she disclosed that she was unwell and was on her way to the hospital in Maiduguri when she was kidnapped.

“I walked up to a juncture in Baga Road (in Maiduguri) and at the juncture, I flagged down the first tricycle (Keke Napap), which incidentally was already filled up,” she stated.

“I flagged down another Keke (tricycle) which was not going my way. But when I flagged it down, both the Keke (tricycle) and a vehicle stopped at the same time, even though I did not stop the vehicle” she continued.

“The occupants of the vehicle asked me where was going and I replied that I was going to the hospital. They offered to drop me. I accepted and entered the vehicle. Immediately I entered and placed my head on the seat of the vehicle, I lost consciousness” she narrated.

“I did not get myself anymore and did not know where I was until I was regaining my consciousness, hearing faintly when one of them was asking if we had been injected while the other replied that he was yet to inject us, that he should wait a little until we enter into the city” she said.

“It was at about this point that our vehicle developed fault and our driver came out to poured water into the radiator. The driver later called out on the other person, saying the car could not move, for which he stepped out to help fix the fault” she stated.

“It was at this stage that I touched my body and discovered that my dress had been removed, that in its place I was wearing a new dress that was strapped with different wires,” she stated.

“They now changed my vehicle to another and the lady that was drugged with me in the first one was different from the lady that I now saw in the second vehicle. The first lady was an older person while the person that was drugged in the second vehicle was a small girl.

“It was in the course of embarking on the new vehicle the I bolted away. I was running and falling. I was running and falling. They made a hot chase of me and I could hear them shouting that I should stop, that I should stop, that wherever you go in this city, we would find you because we have our eyes everywhere in this town.

“But I refused to stop despite their entreaty. They were calling me, saying I was going to do aiki Allah’s work at Kanti Kwari. But I kept running”.

Kano State Police Commissioner, Mr. Maigari Dati Dikko said that the lady was rescued at Hotoro General Area by officers of the Nigeria Police, who were on duty at Hotoro, near Abubakar Rimi Television, in the state capital.

Kano State Governor, Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, who received the escapee in his home at Government House, expressed regrets that insurgency was yet to be completely eliminated in the country while calling on citizens of the state to be extra – vigilant following the development.

The Governor stressed that vigilance was very necessary, especially as going by the account of the lady, the escapee left in the car another girl who had been designated for the same devilish mission.

The Governor added, “They have already mentioned the destination of the intended attack, which is Kanti Kwari Market. This means that our markets are not safe. So I will to use this opportunity to call upon our people to be vigilant, especially in our markets, because anything can happen” he stated.

“People should be vigilant, people should report to the nearest police station any suspicious character to security agencies so that this insurgency can be totally eliminated” he added.

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