Tuesday, November 11, 2014

8 Unbelievable Sex Injuries That Sent People To The Hospital

Some people have had awkward experiences, sex accidents, which landed them in the hospital. 

Sex is fun, we love it.
But, believe it or not, sex has proven to be a dangerous adventure for many people.
In fact, some people have had awkward experiences — I chose to call 'sex accidents', which landed them in the hospital.

Some of these accidents may be as ordinary as bruises or cramps or as life threatening as serious needing surgery to remove a broken dildo from a man's buttocks.
These sex 'accidents', most of which were culled from a METRO article, will leave you bewildered, amused and scared all at the same time.

Here you go.

1. In a case of anal sex gone wrong, a man had to undergo surgery after his his girlfriend's strap-on dildo broke during sex, leaving half of it stuck up in his anus.

2. A woman in Seattle was hospitalised after suffering from a three hour orgasm. At least she had one.

3. A woman in China was left deaf for two months from kissing. The act of sucking face ‘reduced the pressure in the mouth, pulled the eardrum out and caused the breakdown of the ear’ reported China Daily.

4. More embarrassing than painful, a Couple got stuck together having sex in the sea when the suction caused a vacuum and the guy got stuck inside the honeypot.

5. A man was admitted to hospital complaining of rectal pain. It turns out that the poured liquid cement he poured into his anus has solidified.

6. In a desperate act of solo sex, a man stuck a light bulb into his manhole. Unfortunately the bulb broke leaving tiny shards of glass in his ***. He nearly died.

7. A Malaysian man decided his peen wasn’t big enough and decided to stretch it with a welding nut and tried to stretch it. Unfortunately, he got stuck. Doctors had to remove the top layer of peen skin to free it.

8. A couple in America decided to ramp up their vibrator by attaching it to a power tool. An electric saw. Yep, it turned out to be a bad idea – the woman had her bits cut open and had to be rushed to the ER. Thankfully she recovered, and has likely never tried that again.

More than once, women have had to be operated upon to have condoms removed. Obviously, the thing slipped off during sex.

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