Thursday, December 25, 2014

Pastor Kumuyi Urges Deeper Life Members To Get Voter Cards

The General Superintendent of Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Williams Kumuyi, has directed all members of the church to obtain their voter cards and vote for a credible government in the 2015 elections.

He reiterated the need for people to shun religious and ethnic sentiments in choosing leaders in the elections.

Kumuyi spoke on Wednesday in Ado Ekiti while declaring open a three-day revival in Ekiti State.

He said, “I declare that all members of Deeper Life should go and get their voter cards so that we will vote for a credible government. Whoever is voted, if he is not doing the right thing, then we will have the right to complain.

“If we must vote for the right kind of people, we must exercise our right to vote.”

He advised Nigerians to look at the records of politicians and their manifesto before voting in 2015.

“We should not vote for people because we are from the same area or of the same church. People should vote based on the credentials of the leaders. We have to look at the records of those that are contesting for us to elect credible leaders that will bring development.

“It won’t be wise for people to start voting for somebody because he is from your area or he is a member of your church. This is the more reason why people should speak through the ballot by participating actively in the electoral system,” the cleric said.

He also appealed to politicians to learn to accept defeat in elections while urging winners to be magnanimous.

“For politicians, when the votes have been cast, there should be no violence, rioting or burning of places just because somebody did not win. The good of the people should be at the centre of our heart,” he added.

Kumuyi also clarified the statement he made about the authenticity of December 25 as the date of birth of Jesus.

He said, “The point is that our emphasis should not be on one day of Christmas. Why is it that we elevate one day for our celebration?

“I didn’t say that Christ was not born, he was born. I didn’t say there was no date of birth, there is a date of birth. What I’m saying is that I wasn’t there, you were not there; so we don’t know the exact date, but we have picked one day for the celebration, let us move ahead.”

He urged churches to continue to involve in social welfare by empowering the poor in the society.

He said this would help in teaching citizens how to be their brothers’ keepers in a developing nation like Nigeria, where poverty is high.

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