Saturday, August 8, 2015

Tonto Dikeh shares some words with her fans

Dont miss out on a family just for money... Don't turn into a bitter and cynical person because you were in love once & it didn't work out.. Yes you invest emotional energy into your partner,but you will always have more energy.... You have a lot of Love to Give. Energy can't be destroyed so you can't say it was wasted. Your partner cheated on you... Doesn't mean all humans are cheats. My ex was a cheat,A prolific internet whore and a FAKE but that didn't stop me from loving even harder the next time.....

 You have to be in it to win it.Building breakable barriers will leave you lonely. Loneliness would leave you SAD. If you don't allow people to get close to you then yes you might not hurt,but you will never FEEL.Feelings are just VISITORS,Let them Come and Go.So catch feelings and flights,but don't forget LOVE,because that is what all humans need. Don't let modern trends change your mindset in CYNICAL ways...Leaving a life without Love,is not Living at all.LET LOVE REIN������ #POKOBARS#

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