Friday, March 4, 2016

8 Mistakes You Must Avoid While Applying For Scholarships

Applying For Scholarships can be tricky. There are currently several scholarships going on. You can check them out here.

However many students fail to get selected for scholarships, several times, why is this the case?

1. Applying when not eligible: Scholarship schemes are targeted at a specific class of students or audience (200 level students, Medical students, graduates of specified courses etc). Your application is bound to be denied if you do not belong to the desirable audience. Ensure you meet the scholarship requirements before applying.

2. Providing inaccurate or inconsistent information on the application form: Ensure you fill in your information accurately. Even the smallest detail counts, if you were admitted in 2012, enter 2012 not 2013.

3. Not providing complete documentation: Some scholarship schemes specify required documents to be uploaded, ensure you have all listed documents available and upload appropriately.

4. Submitting multiple applications: Create one account and apply using that account only. Applications from a single candidate using multiple accounts will surely be detected.

5. Uploading pictures as passport: Upload an appropriate passport photograph not a picture.

6. Applying to the wrong scheme: For scholarship schemes with multiple scholarship categories i.e Host-community based Scheme (e.g Nigerian Agip Oil Company scholarship scheme) and Merit-based scheme applications (e.g Agbami Medical and Engineering Professionals scholarship) simultaneously open from the same sponsor, ensure you apply to the scheme you are eligible to appropriately.

7. Using a computer centre operator/friends to complete your application: You know yourself better than anyone else, do not hire a computer centre operator or engage your friends to apply on your behalf.

8. It is highly competitive: Thousands of candidates apply for scholarship schemes regularly. This means a good chance that you are not selected even after meeting all the requirements exists. To enhance your chance of selection, ensure your avoid these common mistakes.

If you know of any other things that can likely cause mistakes in scholarship applications, do drop your comments below.

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