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Ukraine SITREP March 4th, 2016 by Scott

A great Russian doctor, a pure genius, Zurab Kekelidze, once said that we can’t begin every morning with the news about a war next door. If we do, we are at risk for developing posttraumatic stress disorder that may never go away. To add a little good news, humor and clean fun to our daily dose of war news, I started posting short entertaining videos of different places and corners of the biggest country in the world, Russia. If you have a moment, please, check them out.

Several people wrote to me with demands to stop naming my Ukraine SITREPs as “Ukraine” SITREPs. Let me explain to you my stance on this issue. Ukraine, or Ukraina is a Russian name for these territories of Russia. It means “on edge” or “on the border” or a “region.” Ukraine is mostly populated with Russian people. Ukraine has been occupied by the EU members and the US via its NATO military occupational forces and proxy neo-Nazi punitive armed forces. 

Ukraine is ruled now by a junta of international war criminals. When Hitler’s Germany occupied Ukrainian and Belorussian regions in 1941-1943, Russians knew that Germans would be defeated and Ukraine and Belorussia will be liberated. I have no doubt that Ukraine and Belorussia will come back and reunite with Russia. Because they are pieces of one country that was severed apart against the people’s will. Because people living in Ukraine and in Belorussia are the same Russian people who were separated.
Those of you who say that you support Donbass and don’t want to know anything about Ukraine, it’s because you don’t care about the fate of twenty five million Russian people who are living now on the occupied territory of Ukraine.

In January 2015, President Putin said: “The Ukrainian military is a NATO foreign legion. This NATO Foreign Legion isn’t interested in defending the national interests of Ukraine. Instead, these armed forces are pursuing of geo-political aim of containment of Russia. This aim is absolutely different from the real national interests of the Ukrainian people.”

The NATO/CIA occupational service SBU has been conducting raids of civilian arrests on the occupied areas of Donbass. They claim that they are looking for supporters of the Donetsk people republic, in fact, they are conducting ethnic cleansing.

SBU began “cleansing” the civilian population in the area of Artemovsk (Gorlovka direction), as reported by the Deputy commander of the corps of the Ministry of defense Donetsk republic Eduard Basurin.

“According to our intelligence, Ukraine continues to sweep the area in the buffer zone. Thus, in town Novoluganskoe the staff of SBU conducts targeted arrests of local residents who had relatives in DPR.” Basurin added that “people are being seized from their homes mostly at night, in some cases even without warm clothes.”

As a reminder, on January 28, the DPR Ministry of Defense first reported that in the district of Donetsk special forces of Ukraine “Berkut” started “cleansing” the civilian population. Also, mass detentions of alleged supporters of the DPR and LPR was held in late 2015 in settlements in the Kiev controlled territory to the West of Donetsk.

NATO occupiers are putting more and more pressure on the local population, meanwhile 30% of Ukrainians, or every 5th Ukrainian thinks that the heads of DPR and LPR Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky should become members of the Parliament of Ukraine.

It comes as no surprise, that one of those NATO Ukrainian legion groups was attacked and killed near the village Schastie (Happiness).
Ultra-national punitive battalion Azov has been protesting at the SBU (a foreign branch of CIA) building in Kiev. They demand the release of one of their commanders arrested for allegedly being an agent of Russia’s FSB.

Here is the list of innocent civilians who were killed during the bombing and shelling of Donbass. These are people who lived in one Donetsk Kuybushevsky district.
At the beginning of this week NATO “predicted” escalation of NATO’s military assault on people of Donbass. In parallel to this, Brussels decided to start shipping Middle Eastern migrants to Ukraine.
The real ruler of occupied Ukraine, the US Ambassador Pyatt, predicted that Ukraine will become an “agrarian superpower.” It means, that the remaining industries in Ukraine will be demolished. And also means that occupational authorities and Kiev junta are working to transfer the national treasure of Ukraine, it’s arable lands into the hands of the US, EU and Saudis companies.

The most valuable resource of Ukraine is black soils land. Today Pyatt says something about agricultural super-power. Tomorrow, he will declare that Ukraine won’t become a “super-power” on its own. The day after tomorrow, the occupational authorities will declare the “Soviet” laws of land protection to be wrong and standing in the way of Ukrainian progress. They will promise a flood of investment in the agricultural sector, if Ukraine will sell its arable lands. They will promise the “visa-free” regime one more time, and Ukrainian black soils will be transferred into the ownership of Monsanto, DuPont and the like. That’s why Monsanto was from the very beginning an active supporter of Maidan.

70% of the Ukrainian population is urban. Unemployment in Ukraine, officially is 600,000, and unofficially is about 2 million. These numbers are not estimating over 1 million migrant workers in Europe, and about 2 million migrant workers in Russia. This also doesn’t take into account the 1.5 million refugees from Donbass.
If you recall, before the Maidan putsch Rogozine visited Ukraine, and in Nicolaev placed Russia’s orders for their manufacturers, trying to keep people employed and industries running.

Johannes Hahn, an Austrian in charge for the European Neighbourhood Policy pushed the blame for the unsolved problems of the visa-free regime with Ukraine onto… Ukraine itself.
It’s not like we don’t want you guys here altogether and visa-free. We would love to let you in, but members of your Rada just wouldn’t let us.
He is the same Johannes Hahn who voted for trade sanctions against Russia, and after that made an angry statement in regard to the Russian food ban: “We are against any actions that impede trade.”

57% of all Ukrainians want a visa-free regime. 6 times the junta in Kiev declared a visa-free regime as functioning.
Ukrainians are getting ready for the visa-free travels around Europe. The Ambassador of this greatest country in Europe called the Mayor of French Nice a “loser” for visiting Crimea.
The truth about the Ukrainian debt from the former Deputy Finance Minister Igor Umansky. Umansky resigned last week, because in his own words, he was terrified by the consequences of the debt burden that was placed on Ukrainians by an American appointed Minister of Finance, Natalie A. Jaresko

Umansky points out that the so called “debt restructuring deal” that Jaresko negotiated lets the bondholders be rewarded beyond their wildest dreams with warrants tied to GDP growth. When Ukraine’s economy will start recovering, for 20% debt “reduction” (about $3.4 billion) touted by Jaresko as a great victory, Ukraine will pay about $125 billion per year, without any maximum cap on payments.
No wonder this interview is absolutely muted in the media. I found only this very incoherent report with the use of a machine translator.
News in Brief:
 1000s of units of Chernobyl radioactive heavy equipment and military machinery that was left there is gone. About 1,000,000 tones of metal is missing. One version, it was melted, made into water pipes and sold to Europe. Another version, it was restored and is being used in the war of NATO against population of Ukraine. Pictures and video here.
• Kiev Junta is building a moat on the border with Russia
• Some political forces are bringing back armed groups of Maidan fighters. There is an opinion that it’s Turchinov who wants to try to return to politics under the flag of fighting with Russia
 Chinese investments in Ukraine
 Cherkask region, farmers revolt demanding to be paid higher prices for their milk. 
• Why Ukrainians are not allowed to rule their own country
• Workers of the City Archive in Odessa protect the transfer of the unique and very important collectionof documents to Chabad organization
• January 1st, 2016 ended the moratorium on sales of agricultural lands
• Ulia Timoshenko criticized Yatsenyuk asking if he was going to sell lands “with people, or without people”? In Ukraine 1ha costs about $500. An average in European Union is $16000.

• Marshal’s Plan for Ukraine is already in place and it’s destroying the country very fast
 Neo-Nazis from battalion Azov attacked and started shooting at the mayor of town Beloozerskoye on the NATO occupied territory of Donetsk Republic. The Mayor stayed cool and collected and continued recording them on his cell phone. He says “Strelay, strelay!” Meaning “shoot, shoot, at the Mayor! Tomorrow everybody will know that you are shooting at their Mayor!” while his assistant calls the local Police and local taxi drivers. In the end, terrorists left in a white van.

Part II is here. Mayor of town Beloozerskoye is telling his story to the Police

• UA Zone is a massive toxic boil that is ready to burst. 48 deputies of Rada with their Speaker Groysman, conducted an emergency meeting in Brussels to organize a brand new European government for Ukraine. In the next three months, Ukraine will get a brand new Euro-government. A Euro-commission office will be opened in Kiev, and it will de-facto become a real ruler of NATO occupied Ukraine. New euro-office will have credentials to appoint all the ministers and governors, to write all the laws, to conduct Ukraine’ foreign affairs. Europeans have already dismantled the Prosecutor General’s office, and are building a brand new punitive repressive system against the civilian population.

Remember the Victory Day celebration on May 9th, 2015? This is a message Russia sent to all people living under the fascist Western occupation in Ukraine. Songs for this concert were approved by the Kremlin. It’s the message to all Ukrainians to stay strong and to believe in our people’s victory.

War time song Mishka from Odessa. “You’re Odessit, Mishka. You’re a sailor Mishka, sailors don’t cry and don’t lose their high spirit.”

Donbass Novorossia

Rogers writes that dreamers, con artists and agents provocateurs gradually disappeared from the region. People who are living and working now in Donbass are dedicated and determined people. In the state of war, the governance of the republics are similar to the military. Democracy is only possible during peaceful times. People in Donetsk and Lugansk republics have created a powerful modern military, they have rebuilt mines and industries. People are getting salaries and pensions. Prices of food, electric and gas are lower than in Ukraine. Roads are being paved and flowers are being planted every spring.

Rogers compares the people who feel “disappointed” with these results with a young and not very bright girl from a movie The Flying Hussar’s Squadron about Denis Davydov, the most beloved Russian hero of the war with Napoleon 1812 and a Russian poet. The girl asked her father to invite Davydov and his men, because she dreamed of meeting a hero officer and a poet. Instead, in came a group of bearded men, who looked nothing like she imagined, and who have been fighting the French army for a year.


2. The murder of the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of the Permski Krai, Sergei Mitrofanov, has been met with the stonewall silence from the liberal media. However, the circumstances of his death and the situation in Perm are getting more traction in Russia.

On February 28, 2016 a body of Sergei Mitrofanov was found near Perm in a small town that never in the history of its existence had a car crash, or a murder. First, it was reported that the deputy died of a heart attack, but persistent rumors and interest in his death made the Police admit that he was run over by a car, while walking a dog, taken into the same car, driven to another location and thrown out of the car.

What makes this a political murder is the fact that the Israeli media immediately came out with several articles linking the death of the Legislative Assembly deputy to the fact that he was against construction in Perm of the synagogue of “Chabad Lubavitch” and against the free provision of municipal land for this construction. According to the information portal, the late head of the LDPR faction in the regional Parliament Sergei Mitrofanov did not show up for a meeting with Berl Lazar, chief Rabbi of Russia according to Chabad. Berel Lazar was meeting with the Governor of Perm, Viktor Basargin, to discuss with the regional and city authorities the question of the allocation of free land to Chabad. Other Israeli sources claim that Sergei Mitrafanov was killed a few days before the previously announced demonstration against Chabad Lubavitch organization activities in this Russian region. The body of Sergei Mitrofanov found at night from Saturday to Sunday on the highway near the village of Zhebrei.

On the picture you can see Mitrofanov standing with the handwritten poster: “Berl Lazar, Go Away! This is Our Russian Land!”
It’s truly shocking that the local authorities in Perm repeating that the death of Mitrofanov has “nothing to do” with his work as an elected official and his political activity, while the Israeli media openly states that he was murdered because he was standing in a way of Chabad setting up it terroristic center in Perm.
People living in Perm are getting on a meeting march 4th to protest against the Chabad presence in Perm and against Chabad terroristic activities against the Russian people in Ukraine.
The latest news is that the Police arrested a local businessman who, allegedly, ran over Mitrofanov with his car. One thing is clear: the Jewish media states that it was Chabad that murdered the Deputy for his campaign against Chabad presence in Perm. It’s a clear case of intimidation of people living in the region so they will stop fighting against this violent extremist religious sect.
50 million rubles is the price of the land that Permians oppose to gift to members of “Jewish Wahhabis” as the Chabad Jews are known. [source]  [source]
All these bloody “horror” scenarios that are being played out by the Western special services, like an American man shooting his two adopted from Russia sons, an Uzbek schizophrenic woman killing a Russian child, and the murder of Sergey Mitrofanov with the Israeli media asserting that what happened to Mitrofanov will happen to everyone standing in the way of Israel asserting its power in Russia. It’s all psy-ops to “soften” and demoralize the population by expectations of unspeakable horror in preparation to “bloody revolution” that the delusional Western governments think they are preparing in Russia.
They are going to be very unpleasantly disappointed, it’s all I can say at the moment.

3. Mikhail Leontyev, a journalist and a Chief of Communications for the state company Rosneft about the vicious disinformation war that is being fought against the company by democrats and “liberalists.” He says that the campaign against this state company has started with the US sanction against it. Now, there is a government’s decision to sell part of the company to private shareholders, the media campaign is throwing mud at the company and its management in order to bring the price of the company down. This company is the biggest tax payer in Russia. Even now, being completely cut off from financing by the US and EU sanctions, and with the prices on oil an gas being so low, Rosneft has managed to make a profit. All the US and EU companies reported record loses last year and this year while Rosneft is the only company that reports profits. Despite the numbers that are available to the public, the Western media and the liberal media in Russia continue their smear campaign against Rosneft.

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