Friday, March 4, 2016

#Ciara'sDrawer: Alesh Akeem's Father Dies (Photos)

Pics: Nigerian Student Who Gifted His Drawing Of Ciara To Her Lost Dad After

It has been confirmed that the father of Alesh Akeem, Nigerian student and artist who recently presented a portrait to award winning American singer, Ciara is dead. gathered that Alesh Akeem’s father Mr. Ismail Oriyomi Aleshinloye, was confirmed dead in the early hours of Tuesday 1st of March 2016 after experiencing serious difficulties in breathing.

Akeem who was in tears just opened up after coming out of the shock of his father’s death; he recounted “As of 1:30am on Tuesday, I was reading comments about my presentation to Ciara on Nairaland, when mum rushed into my room asking me to come see my dad, on seeing him, I saw the worst expression on his face with little tears struggling for breath. He managed to tell us he couldn’t breathe, without wasting time, we rushed him out to the hospital. Four hospitals didn’t attend to us until we took him to the 5th and they confirmed he was dead. I'm so devastated right now. This man has been supporting me with the little he had. I had to pause going for my HND due to financial challenges to take this art dream serious hoping and praying that I can make some decent living some day and make him proud, but where is he now. My Pillar is gone. Why"

Alesh Akeem also said: “I Wish my dad lived to see his son trends all over the globe, but unfortunately, the man who gave me his last penny for transportation to deliver the artwork is gone.”

It was gathered that Hakeem who lives in the notorious Ajegunle area of Lagos attended the Nigerian Institute of Journalism where he managed to obtain an OND and he was supposed to join the new set of HND students but opted to face his drawing when the fees were overwhelming.

It was also revealed to that on that fateful day of his
presentation to Ciara, Akeem who managed to find his way into the event premises was bounced several times. His attempt to convince anyone to allow him near Ciara, was met with even harder brick walls but after much persistence, he eventually was able to push his artwork right to the attention of the American singer and took pictures with her which have now gone viral.

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