Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dallas nurse Amber contaminated with Ebola is now free of the disease.

Day by day, it's really becoming glaring that this Ebola Scenario is a big fat lie as explained by a Ghanian writer. (if you missed the post, click here) 
Just 5 days after nurse Nina Pham, the first direct transmission case of Ebola disease was declared free of the disease, an additional nurse, Amber Vinson (pictured above) who also had connection with Thomas Eric Duncan, the man who took Ebola to America, has been declared free of the deadly virus.

Amber was declared free this afternoon October 28th by management of the Atlanta Emory Hospital where she had been undergoing treatment.

"When humanity is lost forever, nothing matters anymore.. What's left is lies upon lies plus another lie to back-up lies.. The last time I checked, 100 Marines are deployed to Liberia to shoot and kill "Ebola"- (Actually laying the groundwork for the estimated 4,000 troops that are expected to be in West Africa to help fight and kill the Ebola ---> The empire's game ! China just displaced the Empire as the world's biggest economy ! Reminds me of what an American said in a comment box on one forum. He said, "3rd world war will be in Africa". I can see where the commentator's coming from !!
~Jsmith Ola

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