Sunday, November 2, 2014

Nigerians react: Jonathan’s intention to contest 2015 election

“The right to vote is a constitutional right, and so is the right to contest”

To run is not to win

To run for presidential election is not the same as becoming the president. That power belongs to the people. The people should realise that they have the power to make, break and change the society. That said, I would like to believe our president tried his best to deal with the security challenges. His concern was getting Chibok girls back alive.

— Ayo Obayemi

If he wants, he should

Jonathan’s government is going about business as usual. I don’t think the world will stop for Chibok. Maybe we should stop all what we’re doing as a concerned nation, or maybe not; all in all, I think it’s okay for Jonathan to go ahead with his ambition. It’s a separate process on its own.

— Funto Sanu

He is insensitive

It shows insensitivity on the part of our president. On what grounds would he even contest, when he has nothing to show in this current tenure of his? Nigeria deserves better. Really, if we are to use his performance as a yardstick, I would say he doesn’t deserve a second term.

— Funmi Adetunji

It’s unfortunate

Jonathan declaring to run in 2015, with the Chibok girls still missing, shouldn’t be a surprise to us at all. After all, he went to Kano and was dancing when they were kidnapped. It’s unfortunate that we have a president who is more concerned about his ticket to the Villa for another four-year term than being concerned with the security of the people he’s supposed to govern.

— Morenike Oni

It is his right

The truth is that the right to vote is a constitutional right, and so is the right to contest. I wish him his name: Good luck. Also, if Nigerians must be honest, he hasn’t done badly. I think he has got a good chance of winning.

— Felix Anigekwu

Misplaced priorities

I believe this is a clear case of misplaced priorities. At this point, the President should be worried about why the Federal Government is the only party signed to the ceasefire agreement, as the terrorists do not seem to be aware of this agreement. Over 200 girls have been missing for more than six months! He should not even have conceived the idea of announcing his intention for another term, when issues are lingering. I believe the President should focus more on maintaining security and securing our girls, rather than thinking of campaign strategies for an election.

— Ogo Idam

It won’t make a difference

I have not seen any significant difference in his current tenure. I am not convinced there will be a significant difference in the next four years either, if he is re-elected.

— Tosin Oguntayo

It’s okay

I’m okay with President Jonathan declaring to run for president again next year. It is his right, according to the Nigerian constitution. Secondly, Jonathan’s first tenure as president has brought good luck to Nigeria, especially in football. So, I say good luck to Mr. President.

— Joy Patrick

All depends on his agenda

Whether President Jonathan’s declaration to contest the 2015 election is laudable or not depends on his agenda. For me, it is wiser to leave the stage when the ovation is loudest.

— Edidiong Udofia

It’s expected

Goodluck Jonathan’s declaration of intention to run for president in 2015 has long been expected; exactly when he would declare was the unknown variable in the equation. With the clamour for change, if the opposition is able to synergise and close ranks, I see a possibility of Jonathan being soundly beaten. Whether they can or will remains to be seen.

— Seun Dawodu

Not a bad idea

It’s not a bad idea for President Jonathan to run for a second term but what has he done so far to deserve it? I say, vote wisely. Once beaten, twice shy.

— Benedict Dayas

It matters less

It really doesn’t matter to me if he runs or not, because I have yet to see a worthy candidate. It is my honest belief that the political scene in Nigeria is bereft of persons of integrity.

— Lolia Kienka


Jonathan is just going after his own selfish interest. He had four years to do those things but he couldn’t. What has he done about the mass killings in the northern part of the country? So many things are not working right now, yet he wants to run for presidency again. I think he should let that position be.

— Esther Ogunleye

It’s not surprising

Though I’m not completely surprised, I find him quite brave, because despite unanimous scorn for his administration by the masses, he has decided to run for a second term. Knowing Nigeria and our sentiments, I won’t be surprised if the same people still go ahead to vote for him in 2015.

— Hafiz Adewuyi

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